Lesson 1-create building frame using Staad Pro V8i

  • Create centre line drawing of building plan

  • Open Staad pro V8i 

  • Select new project and put a name and select location on computer to save file
  • Select space structure and unit (IS)

  • Go next and tick add beam and finish

  • Arrange gid as XZ plane

  • Snap first node at 0,0

  • Copy that node to paste as its property to other nodal points as per CL drawing

  • After placing nodes of plan join them by add beams

  • Copy all nodes to paste them vertically below at designated distance in elevation plan to plot footing points.

  • Add beams to that points

  • Go to support page and create fixed support 

  • Select all nodal points to assign property of fixed support

  • Now select floor beams and go to translational repeat tab to make steps and select link to create similar storeys.

Watch the video on My own youtube channel Civilmitra

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