Lesson No-2 | Building Design importing Acad file to Staad Pro V8i

  • Open Autocad
  • Go to formats  find units
  • Choose meters as unit and save
  • Draw CL diagram of plan
  • Save it
  • Save as dxf file
  • Choose new project in Staad Pro
  • Select space and unit meter kilo newton and add beams finish
  • Edit structure plane as X-Z
  • Open file
  • Select to import
  • Select 3D dxf _ select dxf file_ Y up_ Unit meter kilo newton
  • Copy nodes paste below to plot foundation points
  • Select all nodes  Go to Geometry select connects beams along Y axis
  • Copy beams along XZ plane
  • Choose translational repeat
  • Select 3 steps Default step spacing 3m Global direction Y axis tick link steps ok
  • Go to support create fixed one
  • Select all bottom nodal points assign to selected nodes to fixed

Watch the video on My own youtube channel Civilmitra

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