Reasoning Related Questions for UPSSSC PET Exam

UPSSSC PET Reasoning MCQs | Read the frequently asked questions in the exam

Reasoning Questions for UPSSSC PET Exam: Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission (UPSSSC) has started the process of conducting Preliminary Eligibility Test (PET) for Group ‘C’ Recruitment. Under which this examination was to be held in September but for some reason now its examination will be held in the month of October. Let us tell you that the candidates can appear in the Group ‘C’ exam only after clearing this exam.

So today we have brought you the most important questions related to reasoning through this article, by studying which you can strengthen your preparation and get success in the examination.

Reasoning Questions for UPSSSC PET Exam

Reasoning Questions for UPSSSC PET Exam

Question. Select the odd one from the following-

  • Iron
  • copper
  • aluminum
  • steel

Answer – 4

Question. Select the word that does not belong to the following group Baroda, Chennai, Bombay, Calcutta, Cochin, Pondicherry, Kanpur, Poona, Calicut-

  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Kanpur
  • Poona

Answer 1

Question. Out of 40 classmates, 17 play cricket, 19 play football and 3 play both cricket and football. Identify the number of students who play neither cricket nor football;

Answer 1

Question. In a class of 30 students, 15 can speak Marathi, 17 can speak Hindi and 13 can speak English. 5 students can speak both English and Marathi and out of these 2 students can speak Hindi also. 6 students speak only English and 7 students speak only Hindi. How many students speak only Marathi?

Answer: 3

Question. A certain group of students is traveling by train. 30 students have mobile phones and 20 students have tablets. 15 students have mobile phones and tablets; Whereas other 15 students neither have mobile phone nor tablet. What is the total number of traveling students?

Answer: 2

Question. A man leaves his house and walks 10 km towards East. Then he turns right and walks 5 km. Then he takes a 180° turn and walks 10 km. Finally he turns left and walks 10 km. How far is he from his starting position?

  • 0 km
  • 10 km
  • 5 km
  • 15 km

Answer: 3

Question. Deepak leaves his house and walks 12 km towards East and then takes a left turn and walks 5 km to reach his school. His sister Dipika also leaves from behind the same house at the same time and walks 12 km towards West and then takes a left turn and walks 5 km to reach her school. What is the shortest distance between the two schools?

  • 10 km
  • 24 km
  • 26 km
  • 17 km

Answer: 3

Question. A company aims to increase sales by 20% for the next year. The profit margin is expected to be higher with the reduction in the cost of materials used. Which of the following can definitely be concluded from this?

  • The company’s finished goods inventory will increase disproportionately
  • Company’s sales will increase, but profits will be affected
  • The company expects to generate more sales and profits next year
  • Units sold will increase, however

Answer: 3

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Question. Total sales revenue will decrease by 66. A retail store is offering 20% ​​discount on a large pack of wafers on the marked price. After the sale period, this discount will be discontinued. And the selling price will be the same as the marked price. Which of the following can be concluded from the options?

  • After the sale ends, the packet size will be reduced by 20%
  • After the sale ends, the store will stop keeping large packets of wafers in stock
  • The price of the packet will increase by 20% after the sale is over
  • The price of the packet will increase by 25% after the sale is over

Answer – 4

Question. Under the Make in India programme, the government has provided tax holidays for mobile phone manufacturing companies in India. With the reduction in spectrum charges, telecom service operators will reduce outgoing call rates per minute. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn?

  • The government has not taken any positive step towards the concept of Digital India as announced in its manifesto.
  • Due to the benefits to the users, mobile penetration in the country as well as average minutes of usage is expected to increase.
  • The government will impose restrictions on import of Chinese handsets and focus on manufacturing of handsets by mobile operators.
  • Price of mobile handset will increase and users will take prepaid connection instead of postpaid

Answer: 2

Question. With Virat at the crease, India will score the required 30 runs in 2 overs to win the match against New Zealand. Which of the following predictions is implicit in this statement?

  • Virat is the lucky mascot for India
  • Virat is a strong batsman and has done well under pressure.
  • The umpires will be generous to Virat, as he is the ICC. player of the year
  • Bowlers will bowl weak to Virat as he is the captain

Answer: 2

Question. This time our journey by train was very comfortable as we had AC. Tickets were booked in class compartments. Which of the following prophecies is implicit in this statement?

  • All classes of travel provide equal convenience to the passengers
  • Traveling by train is better than traveling by road
  • AC. Class coaches provide additional comfort to the passengers as compared to sleeper class coaches
  • AC. Class tickets are a bit cheaper than flight tickets

Answer: 3

Question. Mahesh received the highest increase in his salary this year as he performed best in his department and achieved all his goals. Which of the following predictions is not contained in this statement?

  • Higher pay raises require higher performance at the workplace.
  • Achieving set goals means higher performance at work
  • None of Mahesh’s other associates have achieved their set goals.
  • This year the salary increase of other associates was less than that of Mahesh

Answer: 3

Question. A person should get married at the age of 25 after completing his education and getting established in the job. Which of the following prophecies is implicit in this statement?

  • At the age of 25, a person is mature and financially stable.
  • Good girls are hard to find before the age of 25
  • Girls do not accept boys above 25 years of age
  • Girls do not marry uneducated and unemployed boys

Answer 1

Question. Select the odd name from the following-

  • Tony Blair
  • Blaise Pascal
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • James Prescott July

Answer : ?

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