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How many SIM cards have been taken on your Aadhar Card (ID): Telecom Analytics for Road Management and Consumer Protection is a portal implemented by the Government of India through which you can see how many SIM cards have been issued on your ID like Aadhar Card. have gone.

The government has implemented this scheme to prevent various hurdles through which any Aadhar card holder can find out how many SIM cards have been issued by any telecom company on his ID.

So that he can find out and inform the company or the police about the illegally issued SIM card.

by the government tafcop portal This feature has been released

How many SIM cards have been taken on your Aadhaar number?

The Department of Telecommunications in the Government of India has implemented this facility only in the states of Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

This facility will soon be implemented in the rest of the country after which any Indian citizen can get all the SIM card information issued on his Aadhar card online.

Over the years it has been seen that anti-social elements use it to do wrong things by extracting SIM from another person’s ID.

To stop this crime, the government has provided this facility in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications so that these wrongdoings can be stopped.

Facilities Provided on TAFCOP Portal

Any citizen issuing more than 9 SIM cards will be informed through SMS

Any citizen who is no longer online can know how many SIMs have been issued on their ID or Aadhar card.

If a citizen has not taken out any SIM and it is running on his ID, then he can turn it off.

How to check how many SIMs are running in your Aadhar card?

To see the list of SIM cards issued in the name of your Aadhar card, follow the steps given below to deactivate the unauthorized SIM card.

First of all Go to the portal whose link is given here.

There you will see a screen like this.

TAFCOP Portal Home Page

After that you enter your mobile number in the given space and click on Request OTP button.

Enter the OTP number you will receive on your mobile and submit.

After this on the next screen you will see the list of all the numbers that have been issued on your ID

Go to the TAFCOP portal list of mobile numbers issued on your ID and you will read the toilet yourself

From here you can see which number you have taken out or not

If you have not removed any of these numbers, you can deactivate them here so that they are not misused.


In this article, we have told you how you can get the information of SIM card issued on your Aadhar card online.

And with this, yes told that if you want to turn off the SIM card which you have not issued, then you can turn it off online so that that SIM card is not misused.

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