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Old currency coins sold online: These old notes can spoil your luck

Posted Last Updated on: Sunday, November 6, 2022 @ 9:25 AM

If you have 5 rupees tractor note and its serial number is 786786 that can give you good amount. So the first note that you can see here is a tractor note of Rs 5 with the signature of Bimal Jalan and the serial number of this note is 22A 786786 and this note was in an uncontrolled condition. This note was sold in the 2015 auction for Rs 6,10,000.

2 rupee note sold for Rs 240,000

On the reverse side of the 2 rupee note, there is a picture of a satellite named Aryabhatta. This note was signed by RN Malhotra and the serial number of this note is 12H 786786. In 2015, a satellite issue note of Rs 2 was also sold for Rs 2,40,000.

Referring to valuable coins, most of the time finding a valuable coin in your home is no easy task. But surely some of you have some rare old Indian coins.

Talking about old expensive coins, here you can see 1 coin on the screen, which hit the Bombay Mint in 1982. This 1 rupee coin is one of the rare coins of India. The coin, which was in UNC status, sold at auction for ₹3,50,000.

Similarly, a 1 coin minted in 1970 and produced at the Bombay Mint has been auctioned for Rs 5,60,000, so you know what kind of coins you can buy at these ridiculously high prices.

If you have rare coins and notes and want to sell them then there is good news for you. But it is not very easy to sell them easily at a good price. Most of you are not aware that how old coins and notes are sold directly to the buyers.

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