Electricity Bijli Bill New Rate: नए साल से  बिजली के बिल मे भयानक गिरावट - देखे नया रेट

electricity electricity bill new rate: terrible fall in electricity bill

Post Last Updated on: Saturday, December 31, 2022 @ 10:44 pm

Electricity Bijli Bill New Rate: Terrible decline in electricity bill from new year - see new rate

Electricity Electricity Bill New Rate:

The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has given a big relief to the electricity bill consumers in spending electricity. Along with this, now you can spend electricity without any other problem. According to the information received, the Uttar Pradesh government has provided the biggest relief to the electricity bill consumers, while the electricity slab in the state has been reduced to a great extent. 3 crore electricity consumers are expected to get a big relief from this decision of the Uttar Pradesh government. The government has not increased the unit rates of electricity much. The old ₹ 7 per unit slab has also been done away with.

Electricity Electricity Bill Updates:

Uttar Pradesh Electricity Commission has reduced the electricity unit by ₹ 35. Its benefit will now go directly to the power consumers of the area. According to the new rules, a rebate of Rs 5.5 per unit will be given on the consumption of electricity unit. 0- 100 units are to be given in urban areas. If the urban consumer spends 100-150 per unit of electricity, then the bill will be paid at the rate of Rs 5.5.

electricity electricity bill new rate latest news

As per the new rules, electricity bill consumers in rural areas will have to pay Rs 3.35 per unit for consumption of 0-100 units, Rs 3.85 for consumption of 100-150 units and Rs 3.85 per unit for consumption of 151-300 units. Unit electricity bill will be paid at the rate of Rs.5.5/-.

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