KBC 14 Quiz : भारत के संविधान में कितनी भाषाओं का उल्लेख है??

KBC 14 Quiz: How many languages ​​are mentioned in the Constitution of India??

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KBC 14 Question Answer:

A 22
b 18
D. 12

Answer: A 22

There are 22 languages ​​mentioned in the Constitution of India. The Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the languages ​​of India. 22 Indian languages ​​have been included in this schedule. Initially, constitutional recognition was given to 14 languages, later in the 21st Constitutional Amendment Act 1967, Sindhi language, in the 71st Constitutional Amendment Act 1992, Konkani language, Manipuri language and Nepali language were given constitutional recognition. added to

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Recently in the 92nd Constitutional Amendment Act 2003 Bodo language, Dogri language, Maithili language and Santhali language were included.

The eighth section of the constitution includes the following 22 languages:- (1) Assamese, (2) Bengali (3) Girti, (4) Hindi, (5) Kannada, (6) Kashmiri, (7) Konkani, (8) Malayalam , (9) Manipuri, (10) Marathi, (11) Nepali, (12) Oriya, (13) Punjabi, (14) Sanskrit, (15) Masandhi, (16) Tamil, (17) Talag (18) Ud (19) ) Bodo, (20) Santhali, (21) Maithili, (22) Dongri.

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