KBC Quiz : सत्रीया नृत्य किस भारतीय राज्य का शास्त्रीय नृत्य है??

KBC Quiz: Satriya dance is the classical dance of which state of India??

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KBC 14 Question Answer:

A Manipur
B. Assam
C.West Bengal
D Mizoram

answer: B. Assam

Satriya dance is a classical dance from the Indian state of Assam. Satriya dance is one of the eight major Indian classical dance traditions. This dance is a classical dance of Assam. In the year 2000, this dance got the distinction of being included in the eight classical dances of India. The great saint Shrimant Sankardev is the founder of this dance.

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Sankardeva composed the Sattriya dance as an accompaniment to the Ankiya dance. This dance was performed in the monasteries of Assam which was called Nritya Satra. This tradition grew and developed within the seventies and this dance form came to be known as Sattriya dance.

Sattriya dances are generally based on mythological stories. It was an artistic way of presenting mythological teachings to the people in an accessible, immediate and entertaining way. Over the years, Sattriya dance has gained more and more acceptance and patronage outside the state of Assam and outside India.

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