Milk New Rate : दूध के दाम मे भयानक बढ़त, देखे नया रेट

Milk New Rate: Horrible increase in the price of milk, see the new rate

Post Last Updated on: Sunday, January 1, 2023 @ 6:56 pm

Milk New Rate: Horrible increase in the price of milk, see the new rate

New rate of milk:

A very big news is coming for all the milk customers across India. The country’s largest milk company Amul has charged high prices of milk from its customers in all the states. Customers buying Amul milk in all states will have to pay more than before for per liter of milk. Along with Amul, every company has also increased the price of full cream milk and buffalo milk by Rs 2 per liter in every corner of the country. It is believed that this new rate will be implemented in all the states of India. , If this happens then every common man’s pocket has now increased by Rs 2 per litre.

New rate of milk: Due to the increased rate of milk, customers were charged heavily

At this time in the country, everyone is troubled by the impact of inflation. According to a report, Amul has said that from now onwards the price of milk has been increased due to the rising cost of energy, packaging, transportation, animal feed. Amul had increased the purchase price of farmers’ milk by Rs 35-40 per kg of fat. According to the latest information, let us tell you that this new rate of milk will be applicable from the new year. Earlier, all the milk companies had increased the prices of milk in March 2022. Even at that time, all the companies had increased the price of their milk by Rs 2 per litre.

New rate of milk: 1 rupee more will have to be paid as per the estimate

Before today, customers who bought milk had to pay only Rs 63 for one liter of milk. It is being told that after the release of the new price of milk, if you go to buy milk from the market, then after increasing the price, you will have to spend up to Rs 64 for one liter of milk. Now the price of milk will have to be paid in the pocket, will have to be loosened

milk old price new price

Full Cream Milk (in litres) ₹ 63 per liter ₹ 64 per liter

Token milk (in litres) ₹ 48 per liter ₹ 50 per liter

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