Travel Without Ticket : एक ऐसी ट्रेन जिसमे नहीं लगता किराया, टीटीई का भी डर नहीं, आप भी करें सफ़र

Travel without ticket: such a train which does not charge fare, do not be afraid of TTE, you can also travel

Ticketless Travel:

Trains are one of the best and most economical ways to cross the country. But, you will be surprised to know that for the last 73 years, a special train has been traveling for free to its passengers.

This train is none other than Bhakra-Nangal train, which runs on the borders of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. It travels between Bhakra and Nangal, and forms the lifeline of 25 villages and around 300 commuters who use it for daily commuting. The 13 km commute mainly benefits students, school children and laborers from different areas.

The Bhakra-Nangal railway line was completed in 1948. Its purpose was to bring local residents and workers who were building the Bhakra–Nagal Dam – the world’s highest direct-gravity dam, which was finally completed in 1963.

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The train was initially run by steam. Then, in 1953, three new locomotives were imported from America to modernize the route. Despite later technological advances and better developed locomotives, the train still uses 60-year-old models in an effort to retain its pristine nature. All this despite the fact that the engine consumes around 18 to 20 liters of diesel per hour.

The train coaches were made in Karachi with wooden benches from the colonial era. According to media reports, the train leaves Nangal Railway Station at 7:05 am and reaches Bhakra at 8:20 am. On the same day, it again leaves Nangal at 3:05 PM and reaches Bhakra at 4:20 PM.

Ticketless Travel: A noble initiative

The Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB), which runs the train, thought of ending the free service in 2011 due to the costs involved. However, it ultimately decided against the move as it realized that the train was far more important than the source of revenue – namely, the history, culture and heritage of the area.

This is why it still operates trains in the same fashion, in the hopes that residents, especially the younger generation, will want to learn more about the area and what it took to build the iconic dam. In fact, it remains a most noble initiative.

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