Electric Bijli Bill Update: Electricity bill consumers get discount like this, easily save thousands of rupees a month

Electric Bijli Bill Update: Electricity bill consumers get discount like this, easily save thousands of rupees a month

Post Last Updated on: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 @ 11:36 am


Electricity Electricity Bill Updates:

This year big news is coming for the electricity consumers of the whole country. For the past few years, the team of the Electricity Department has been cutting off electricity without informing the consumers.

From the new year, an order has been issued for electricity consumers across the country to partially deposit electricity bills through cash counters or online. With this new order, all the electricity consumers of the country can get relief from power cuts at their homes anytime. The complete information related to this order given by the Electricity Department is given in the article below.

Electricity Electricity Bill Updates:

According to the rules issued by the government in the new year, let us tell you that the MD of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Pankaj Kumar has issued an order saying that electricity bill can be paid in installments of at least Rs 100 from the consumer. With this new facility, people across the country will be able to pay their minimum electricity bill very easily.

For this, any electricity consumer can pay the electricity bill through the cash counter of the electricity department or through online mode. Electricity consumers with temporarily disconnected electricity connections can be automatically reconnected immediately after the electricity disconnection by paying at least 25 percent of their original electricity.

electricity bill update 2023 news

Let us tell you that one advantage of this scheme is that electricity consumers can make this partial payment in a single month. Even the agencies collecting electricity bills sitting at home do not have the benefit of this facility. It is very important for you to know about this rule issued by the government on today’s date that the electricity connection can be disconnected even if the partial electricity bill is paid and the electricity bill is not paid on time.

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