How to pay electricity bill easily from phone

Electricity Bill: How to View and Pay Electricity Bill in Mobile in 2023 –

electricity bill :- Sometimes electricity bill is flour and sometimes it is not flour, this problem is seen almost everywhere in India. The main reason for this may be the slowness of India’s population and government offices, today the government has also understood the nuances and use and contribution of the internet, due to this you will get the exercise of every government office on the internet.

Twenty-first century is the century of internet, almost all the work is done through internet, almost all the departments of the country are rapidly shifting their work towards internet. In this sequence, the Electricity Department is also doing all the work related to its bills through online medium. Now you don’t need to stand in long lines for your monthly bill, you can pay it online from your mobile.

how to get electricity bill from mobile

But many people are often seen that due to lack of information, they keep roaming around the offices. In today’s era, we are growing so fast like digital and internet that we can almost contact our every work with mobile. . In today’s article brief description is given that how to see electricity bill on mobile or how you can pay electricity bill from mobile.

How to see electricity bill in mobile?

As we told you today that the era of detail is spreading so fast that today you will find mobile and internet connection in almost everything in the house.

Step-1 Open the electricity bill website

You must have internet pack in your mobile to see your electricity bill in mobile.

Step-2 Select the Bill Payment Service option

Find out the name of the organization or office in which you get electricity, search on Google and then go to its official website

Step-3 Enter your account number and submit

When you go to the website of your state electricity office, you will get the option of electricity bill payment, which you can choose.

Step-4 Verify the verification code

After that a blank space will appear in front of you where you have to fill your customer number so that you can call your old delhi or electricity office to find out that the customer number is a nine digit number and according to Raj’s request, the account number is the required number according to the BP number is addressed by different names like IVRS number

Step-5 View electricity bill in mobile

After entering your 9 digit number, a page will open in front of you where your address on which the bill comes in the name is written and you will see your electricity bill on calling below.

According to the order, after following the above instructions, a button will be given to pay the electricity bill.

How to pay electricity bill from mobile?

Mobile electricity bill payment is done by using some website and some by using application

• You would know that electricity is supplied by a government organization in any state of India. Some states have different companies depending on the area, so there is only one company in any given state that supplies electricity. You will know that you are interested in different companies are made according to the area or you get the electricity bill through the same company.

• Then you know about your electricity department, search it on Google, you will get the official website of your electricity department, open it and follow the instructions given above, then you can get the option to pay electricity.

Also, if you want to pay by downloading the electricity bill application in mobile, then let us tell you that at present the application is not made for all the states of India, search the electricity bill with the name of the state on Google play store and you will get it.

• When you download Apna Raj’s electricity bill application form, you need to follow the instructions given above. Get your old electricity bill or call the electricity office and get your 9 digit customer number which you have given on the application or on the bill. Website Gaye Bane Jin Jinning See Bane Jin Jinning You will see your electricity bill whose payment options are also given below

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