Organic Farming Success Story of A Farmer in India

ORGANIC FARMING: You can earn millions of profits from organic farming, read the story of this farmer –

Organic Farming:- Tathagat Barud, a resident of Chhapri village of Kalapipal tehsil of Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh, is an engineer by degree, but has now become a farmer by profession. He completed his BTech from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) Bhopal and then IIT Bombay. After completing his Masters, instead of working in a multinational company, he chose farming as a career. He started farming on a small piece of land. Today he is doing farming on 18 acres of land.

Organic Farming: He didn’t even create a resume after doing his Masters because he had already decided that he wanted to do farming. He is doing farming since last 03 years. Along with farming, he is also engaged in animal husbandry and making organic fertilizers. He has also started a Gaushala. Where now there are 17 cows. From which they prepare milk and milk products. Along with this, he has also set up a cow dung gas plant, due to which his household work is done and food is cooked.

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Organic Farming: They use manure prepared from animal dung and urine in their fields, they don’t have to buy manure from outside. Then he prepared for GATE and got admission in IIT Bombay. From there he did his Masters in Technology and Development in Rural Areas. He returned to the village after passing through here in 2016. He used to tell the farmers of the village about organic farming. The villagers listened to him but were not ready to do so.

Actually they did not want to take the risk. Then he decided that he would do it himself and started farming as a profession. Today Tathagat is growing 17 crops in about 18 acres, including crops like moringa, amla, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass and gram. When asked about the income, he says that about Rs 50,000 per acre is earned annually. That is, now they are earning up to 9 lakh rupees in a year.

Marketing and Profit Analysis of Tathagata’s Farm

Tathagata suggests young farmers to take up organic farming and advises them to start small when starting out. First, try to grow vegetables that are organic enough for your household, and then when you are clear about the dos and don’ts, start organic farming in a larger area. It can help you avoid minor mistakes while cultivating crops on a large scale. Also, remember, you are just increasing the area under cultivation while the process remains the same, so there is no need to worry, he added.

There is also a high demand for producers by organic farming. There is a strong preference for organic products among people in urban areas. Mr. Vasu says that if you can do it yourself without taking your bid to the right customers, you will be able to make more profit and recoup your investment in less time. Make sure the texture quality while cultivating, because if the quality is too high, all these other countries can be responsible.

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He says the amount they invest will vary according to the type of crops they choose; Anyhow, you will get at least 30,000 per acre from paddy cultivation and 40,000 per acre from mango cultivation. So even if we assume that he grows vegetables in 8 acres, which includes 4 acres of paddy and 4 acres of mangoes, he earns around 2,80,000 per month. So he proved that good profits can be made from organic farming if proper care is taken.

He also wants the government to support organic farming methods and spread awareness among people. Although many people still feel that growing vegetables organically is a risk, the government should conduct various experiments to tell farmers which crops can give the best yield organically based on the season. So he suggests that young farmers enter this field and earn good income. He also said that organic farming has a lot of potential in the coming days and the demand can skyrocket.

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