What is Roll on Roll off scheme?

What is Roll on Roll off scheme?

The RORO scheme on the Konkan Railway was introduced in November 1998. Its objective was to move trains through a single mode of transport for both rail and road. The scheme was officially launched on 26 January 1999 and has been revised again. Under the RORO scheme, vehicles are transported by sea, thereby relieving the problem of road traffic and reducing both time and cost.

roll on roll off scheme

  1. Roll on roll of a western concept which helps in faster transportation of goods. The RORO scheme was introduced on Konkan Railway on 26 January 1999.
  2. Under this scheme, trucks can be run on rail tracks and roads. The system is operated by the Konkan Railway Corporation Limited on the Collard-Surathkal (734 km) section.
  3. In this system, a loaded truck can be rolled out from the consignor’s station and unloaded by train to the consignee’s station.
  4. It mainly operates on the Mumbai-Mangalore section.
  5. The scheme does not require a warehouse, only loop lines, ramps and approach roads are required.
  6. Loading and unloading is completed in 2 hours.
  7. In no case the gross weight of the track shall exceed the PCC of the wagon.
  8. Service tax and other taxes/surcharge/cess will be recovered as per rules
  9. All other rules of the Department of Commerce will remain in force.
  10. Wagons used – RORO requires modified BRN wagons.
  11. Persons allowed with truck – maximum 2 persons Benefits to customers:-
  12. Four operations – loading, unloading saving at both ends.
  13. Fuel economy of trucks. Save time, as they have direct transportation.
  14. Truck breakdown, tire and other maintenance – less chance of accidents.
  15. Guaranteed transportation at affordable rates and increase in profit margin.
  16. The truck will be monitored every minute in transit.
  17. There will be 30 flat wagons to carry 60 trucks of 10 tonnes capacity each. Benefits of Railways:-
  18. Improvement in wagon turn round, highest stock utilization – 1000 km per day.
  19. Trucks are loaded at both ends of the RORO.
  20. No need for warehousing and less terminal detention.
  21. There is no additional additional cost.
  22. No infrastructure needed.
  23. Increase in income without additional investment.
  24. Railway will not be responsible for any loss, damage to the goods; There will be less claims on leakages etc. and railways.

Konkan Roro Scheme

Konkan Roro Yojana (Konkan Roro Yojana) is a transport scheme under which RO-RO (roll-on/roll-off) services are provided for transportation of trucks on water for road transport. Following are some of the major benefits of this scheme:

Saving time and energy: Trucks are loaded onto boats or ships instead of traveling by road, saving time and energy.

traffic improvement

Improvement in traffic system: The number of trucks on the roads is reduced, which reduces the traffic load on the roads and helps in improving the traffic system.

Keeping people safe: Reducing the number of trucks on the road improves road safety and helps keep commuters safe.

Environment friendly: Transportation of trucks on water is environment friendly as they reduce pollution by plying on the roads.

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