1000 Note Big News : RBI का बडा ऐलान एक हजार के नोट पर , ऐसे होगा नया हजार का नोट !

1000 Note Big News: RBI’s big announcement on one thousand note!

1000 note big news

Recently 2000 rupee notes have been demonetized in India and RBI has given time till 30th September to do so. People can exchange their notes during this period. However, not many people are aware of its advantages and disadvantages in this regard. What is the main reason behind this? Also there is a question regarding RBI whether they will reissue 1000 rupee note or not. In this connection, a big news is coming out. If you are a resident of India, then this article may be very important for you, and you may need to read it carefully.

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People believe that after the demonetisation of Rs 2000 note in India, RBI will again issue Rs 1000 note. In a statement of the Governor, it has been said that till September 30, we will have a supply of Rs 2000 notes and after that we will take further steps in this matter. There are currently no plans to issue new notes, so beware of rumors and fake news. Whenever any update or circular will be issued, then in this matter the update will be given immediately across the country. Currently Rs 2000 notes available in all banks are being replaced and the government is monitoring the matter, so RBI is likely to issue some separate updates.

note printing issue

The process of printing notes in India is extensive and complex. Here different processes of paper, printing, ink and other materials are done at different places. For the Reserve Bank, it costs 96 paise to print a Rs 10 note and 95 paise to print a Rs 20 note. Similarly, it costs Rs.1130 to print 1000 notes of Rs.50 and Rs.1770 to print 1000 notes of Rs.100.

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