Proper way of Wearing Helmet and Law Related to Helmet Challan

Be careful, wearing a helmet like this will result in a heavy challan –

Keeping yourself safe while driving a two wheeler amidst the speeding vehicles on the country’s roads is a big challenge. Strict traffic rules have also been made regarding this. This includes rules such as wearing a helmet and driving in the right lane. What happens is that people ignore these rules set by the administration and play with their security. Some people ride bike without helmet and some don’t wear it properly. Some changes have been made in the traffic rules regarding this, let’s know about it.

Wearing a helmet in the wrong way can be costly

Recently a new rule has been added to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. After this, the traffic police are imposing fines on those who do not wear helmets properly. If you do not wear a helmet properly while driving a two-wheeler, you may have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000. Police can deduct this challan even if the helmet is on the head.

In such a situation, those people need to be careful who wear helmet only for formality. After the implementation of this rule, nothing will happen just by putting helmet on the head. We forget that it is for our safety and not to avoid police challan.

What is the correct way to wear a helmet?

Knowing the right way to wear a helmet is extremely important if you ride or drive a two-wheeler. Knowingly or unknowingly people walk on the road wearing helmets. Accidents often happen in this situation.

For this, you have to put on the helmet first and then fasten the belt properly. Always carry a helmet of your size before riding a two wheeler. Helmet which is big in size, half hanging on the head or not fastened during the journey can become a danger for you.

What is Helmet Invoice?

“Helmet challan” means the imposition of a fine or penalty for not wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle or a two-wheeler. In many countries, including India, wearing a helmet is a mandatory safety requirement for the safety of riders and rear seat passengers in the event of an accident.

If you receive a “helmet challan”, it means that you have been issued a traffic violation ticket for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The ticket usually comes with a monetary fine which you have to pay as a penalty for violating traffic laws.

It is necessary to always wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle or two-wheeler to avoid helmet challan, as it reduces the risk of head injury in case of an accident. Additionally, it is important to follow traffic laws and regulations to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

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