Business Idea Earn Money From Amla Tree at Home

Best Farming Idea: Earn up to ₹ 300000 by planting this tree, know full details –

Best Farming Idea:- Hello friends, if you are a farmer then this article of ours has brought very important information for you. If you are disappointed with farming and you have made up your mind to leave Kathe, then believe me, after reading this, the eagerness of farming will arise in your mind, because through this post, we will tell you about such a great crop, which you just All you have to do is establish a brother and then you will earn from him every year which will be more than ₹300000.

Now you must have been curious to know about this crop, so let us give you information about that special crop which will earn you up to ₹ 300000 annually.

Which crop will earn more than ₹ 300000?

Friends, you must have heard about this crop earlier also and some people are also practicing this crop, by starting cultivation of which you can earn more than ₹ 300000. This crop is called Amla. Yes friends, you heard it right, Amla, you all must know that many people like to make its vegetable, then many people also make gooseberry jam and gooseberry pickle and children also like gooseberry pickle.

Amla is also used in Ayurvedic medicines so it is quite easy to understand how essential Amla is for human life. Here is how you can earn more than ₹300000 by doing Amla farming.

To do gooseberry cultivation, first of all you have to plow your field properly. After plowing the field, you have to run a rotavator in your field, which fills the soil, then you can make beds and do gooseberry cultivation by bed method.

If water does not stagnate in your field then make beds because the field gets waterlogged due to heavy rains so if you make beds then there is no possibility of damage to your plants. While making beds, you have to keep in mind that the distance from one bed to another tree should be 15 feet and the width of the same bed should be 2.5 feet.

Talking about the height of the bed, you have to keep the height of the bed 1 feet, in this case, you can make beds with the help of a bed maker, then you have to plant gooseberry plants on these beds.

While planting gooseberry plants, note that plant gooseberry from a distance of about 12. If you plant gooseberry plants according to this distance, then you will need about 200 organ plants. To plant Amla plant, you can buy the plant directly from the nursery. You have to buy at least 1 year old plant. To plant Amla plant, first of all you have to dig a pit 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide, which should be kept for at least 20 days. Leave it open for

After 20 days you have to mix gram flour and put it in the soil of the pit. If you think that your gooseberry plant is weak, then you can use basket stalks for it.
Let us tell you that the best time for gooseberry cultivation is considered between July and September.

How much will be earned from Amla farming?

If you also want to start gooseberry farming, then you must first tell that how much you will earn by starting this gooseberry farming. If you cultivate gooseberry in one acre of land, you will get about 180 quintals of yield. .

When the gooseberry tree reaches its maximum yield, about 80 kg of gooseberry comes out from one tree and the price of 1 kg of gooseberry in the market ranges from ₹ 20 to ₹ 40.

Let us now guess how much you can earn from Amla. Let’s say ₹30 a kg, if you send 180 quintals of Amla to the market now, you will earn around 360000. There is a possibility to earn around 600000.

So friends, if you also want to do gooseberry farming and want to earn more money through farming, then through this article you must have got some information about gooseberry farming. If you are related to this best farming idea If so, would you like to ask someone? question, you can ask us for a solution without any problem.

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