Bholaa Box Office Collection 40 Day : 40 दिनों के बाद भी फिल्म भोला ने नहीं कमाए 100 करोड़ रुपये, जानें अब तक का कलेक्शन

Bhola Box Office Collection Day 40: Know Now

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Bhola Box Office Collection 40 Days

The film Bhola was released in theaters on 30 March.
The film collected Rs 11 crore on the first day.
The film ‘Bhola’ is still running in theatres.

Bholaa Box Office Collection Day 40: It has been 40 days since the release of popular Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Bhola’. However, the film hasn’t managed to earn 100 crores yet and has failed to cross 95 crores as well. Despite being packed with action, suspense and thrills, the film struggled to make money in India. But still the film managed to earn some money. The interesting thing is that ‘Bhola’ is yet to recover its price in India. Although the film has earned more than 100 crores worldwide. The film is directed and acted by Ajay Devgan, who has also produced it. Now let’s know how much the film has earned in the last 40 days.

How much did the film Bhola earn on the 40th day? (Bhola Box Office Collection Day 40)

According to the reports, Ajay Devgan’s film Bhola collected Rs 11.02 crore on the first day at the box office. After this, it earned 7.4 crores on the second day, 12.02 crores on the third day, 13.48 crores on the fourth day, 4.5 crores on the fifth day, 4.8 crores on the sixth day, 3.2 crores on the seventh day, 3.2 crores on the seventh day. 8th Day 3.51 Crore, 9th Day 3.9 Crore, 11th Day 3.9 Crore, 4.9 Crore, 12th Day 1.6 Crore, 13th Day 1.6 Crore, 14th Day 1.45 Crore, 15th Day 1.55, 16th Day 1.75 Crore, 17th Day 2.2 Crore, 18th Day 2.50, 1 crore on 19th day and 1 crore on 20th day, 1.3 crores on 21st day, 90 lakhs on 22nd day, 20 lakhs on 23rd day, 25 lakhs on 24th day, 30 lakhs on 25th day, 21 lakhs on 26th day. 27th day Rs 15 lakh, 28th day Rs 25 lakh, 29th day Rs 20 lakh, 30th day Rs 30 lakh, 31st day Rs 20 lakh, 32nd day Rs 25 lakh, 33rd day Rs 15 lakh, 34th day Rs 10 lakh, 35th day Rs 10 lakh, 5 lakhs on 36th day, 12 lakhs on 37th day, 10 lakhs on 38th day, 5 lakhs on 39th day and 7 lakhs on 40th day

Let us tell you that the Bollywood film Bhola, produced and directed by Ajay Devgan, has collected a total of 92.75 crores in India after its 40 days theater run. Though it has crossed the 100 crore mark globally, it has not reached the milestone in India. Bhola is the Hindi adaptation of the popular South Indian film Kathi, which was well received by many. However, this may lead to some expectations and comparisons which potentially affect the film. Despite this, Bhola managed to recover the cost. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the OTT release of the film, which is expected in June.

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