Ration Card Big News : राशन कार्ड वालो की बल्ले बल्ले गेहूं, चावल, चीनी के बाद 39 और सामान मिलेगा अब लिस्ट जारी।

Big news of ration card: now 39 more items will be available in ration card

big news of ration card

Recently the Yogi government has made an important announcement under the ration scheme in Uttar Pradesh. According to this announcement, now crores of poor families are getting ration which is a very good news. Crores of poor families are going to get a lot of relief from this action of the Yogi government. Recently some changes have been made in this new scheme, but till now most of the people are not aware of it. If you are a ration card holder then you should pay attention to this news. If you like this news, then immediately share it with everyone.

Uttar Pradesh free ration body update

Crores of families are provided free ration in Uttar Pradesh and recently the Yogi government has made important changes in this scheme. In UP, now free ration will be available under the public distribution system and everyday items will also be available. This would also include sweets, soaps, milk powder, baby care etc. Now 39 items will be available at ration shops, which are going to be used daily. The Food and Logistics Department has prepared its complete list, soon this list will be available at ration shops. Let us know in detail about this new list and see how it will benefit you.

Now 39 other things free ration in UP

Earlier the material available in government ration shops included wheat, rice, pulses, flour, sugar, edible oil, kerosene, soap, tea, pen, copy etc. Coarse grains, salt, ORS solution, sanitary napkins were also already available in the ration. shops.

Now it will also be available at government ration shops

Milk, milk products, biscuits, bread, jaggery and ghee and namkeen, dry fruits or sweets, packaged spices, milk powder, children’s clothes, beans, soyabean, cream, incense sticks, combs, mirrors, brooms, locks, umbrellas and things like Now raincoats will also be available at government ration shops.

Health material will also be available –

Hand wash, bathroom cleaner, shaving kit, baby care, diaper, soap, massage oil, body lotion will now be available at government quota shops.

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