Big Update for ATM Users : बैंक ने जारी की चेतावनी, सभी ग्राहक रहे सावधान, समझ लें पूरी जानकारी

Big update for ATM users: Bank issues warning, all customers should be careful, understand complete information

Big update for ATM users

ATM users can get important news soon. Over time, the number of people using ATMs has increased significantly. Unfortunately, with this increase, many individuals have taken their money without their permission. In response to this trend, a famous manifesto has been issued. It mandates that banks take the first step in creating awareness among the public.

A major case of ATM fraud has come to the fore, in which a huge amount has been withdrawn from the user’s account without OTP verification. This created a stir in the bank. The amount duped by the fraudsters is Rs 258 crore. In response to this, the banking agency has announced several important measures to prevent such incidents. It is important that users follow these guidelines to avoid falling victim.

ATM User Alert

Recently, a new case of fraud has come to the fore, in which a group of criminals is executing their plan in a very clever way. This is how the scam works: When customers try to withdraw money from the ATM, their card gets stuck. They then call the helpline number displayed on the machine, which the fraudsters have changed to their own number. The criminals then cleverly extract personal information from the victim. Finally, they convince the victim to leave behind his ATM card, claiming that the bank will deposit the card at his home within two days. Unfortunately, many criminals are taking advantage of this situation, so it is important not to disclose personal information to anyone in an unfamiliar way.

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