Business Idea : पति-पत्नी मिलकर कमा रहे हैं लाखो, जाने इनके बेहतरीन बिज़नस के बारे मे

Business Idea: Husband and wife are earning lakhs together, know about their best business

Post Last Updated: Monday, May 15, 2023 @ 3:54 pm

Business Idea: Husband and wife are earning lakhs together, know about their best business

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Tanvi and Himanshu Patel, a married couple from Gujarat, quit their corporate jobs and decided to take up organic farming. They were unhappy because the farmer who was renting out their land was using harmful chemicals on the crops. He wanted to bring a change and wanted to start his own organic farm on that land. Himanshu worked as a senior manager in a power plant and Tanvi was a teacher, but they decided to start a new business together.

Business Idea: Earn Lakhs

In 2019, Tanvi and Himanshu started their journey in organic honey farming. They wanted to find a way to do farming without using harmful chemicals, so they started looking for alternative methods. Through his research, he found that beekeeping could be a solution. He experimented with beekeeping and found that it could increase crop yields through proper pollination. To know more about beekeeping, he received training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Small Business Idea: Earning Lakhs in Low Investment

After getting training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tanvi and Himanshu started production of organic honey. He started small, filling only one or two wooden crates at first. But over time, his production increased and he was able to fill up to 500 crates. He also learned that chemicals 3-4 km away from nearby areas could harm his bees.

Chemicals in nearby areas can harm and even kill bees, which is what happened to Tanvi and Himanshu’s bees. He suffered a loss of about Rs.3,60,000 due to this unfortunate incident. Despite this setback, he did not give up and continued with organic farming. Finally, his persistence paid off and he was able to make huge profits from his organic farming business. You can even try your hand at organic farming if you are interested!

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