Indian Railway Ticket Booking: कई तरह के वेटिंग टिकट रेलवे जारी करता है, जानें किसका क्या है मतलब

Indian Railway Ticket Booking: Various types of waiting list tickets are issued by Railways

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indian railway ticket booking

– GNWL stands for General Waiting List.
RLWL ticket stands for Remote Location Waiting List.
RSWL code stands for Road Side Station Waiting List.

Indian Railway Ticket Booking: Often, we rely on train travel as our primary mode of travel. However, getting confirmed tickets is a challenge, especially during the festive season when there is a lot of scramble for seats. In such cases, Railways issue waiting list tickets to meet the huge demand. Interestingly, some people with higher waiting ticket numbers get confirmed tickets while those with lower waiting numbers don’t. This discrepancy can be attributed to the different waiting list categories. Today we will learn about the different types of waiting list tickets.

GNWL Tickets

The most common type of waiting list ticket is denoted by the GNWL code, which stands for General Waiting List. Usually these tickets are issued from the station. This ticket is considered to have the highest chances of getting confirmed as more berths are available from where the train originates.

rlwl ticket

RLWL code stands for Remote Location Waiting List, a type of waiting list ticket that is issued after the train leaves intermediate stations to its destination. For example, if a train travels from Lucknow to Delhi, RLWL tickets are issued at stops like Bareilly, Shahjahanpur and Moradabad. It is less likely to get confirmed as there is no quota for it.

pqwl ticket

When a waiting list ticket with ticket code PQWL is issued for a long distance train between two intermediate stations, it indicates PQWL quota waiting list. This type of waiting list is allocated from a pooled quota consisting of several smaller stations along the train’s route. PQWL indicates that the waitlisted ticket is for a route which does not have its own separate quota.

TQWL Ticket

TQWL is the abbreviation of Tatkal Quota Waiting List, which is issued by Indian Railways in case of non-confirmation of Tatkal tickets. Since no specific quota is allotted to TQWL, the chances of confirmation are generally low. This waiting list is created exclusively for Tatkal ticket booking and is used as a contingency plan in case of non-availability under Tatkal quota.

rswl ticket

RSWL code refers to Road Side Station Waiting List, which is used while booking tickets for nearby stations from the train originating station. Due to the limited availability of berths, the chances of getting confirmed for RSWL ticket are relatively less.

RAC ticket

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation of Tickets. The first berth is given to the passenger on this ticket. In other words, two passengers share the same berth, one on the bottom berth and the other on the top berth. RAC tickets are considered to have relatively higher chances of getting confirmed.

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