LPG Gas Cylinder Update : गैस सिलेंडर हुआ सीधा 171 रुपये सस्ता, इन 12 राज्यों में मिलेगा 587 रुपये में

LPG Gas Cylinder Update: Gas cylinder became cheaper by Rs 171.

Post Last Updated on: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 @ 5:15 pm

LPG Gas Cylinder Update: Gas cylinder became cheaper by Rs 171, will be available in these 12 states for Rs 587

lpg gas cylinder update

LPG Gas Cylinder Update: As you all know that inflation is increasing very fast in the country. And thus the prices of liquid gas, petrol, diesel fuel, mustard oil etc. are doubling. Poor citizens have to face a lot of difficulties in buying gold, silver, diesel fuel, petrol, LPG gas cylinders. In such a situation, the government has made a new announcement in view of the public interest and has ordered the payment of new subsidy amount on LPG gas cylinders.

A new update has been issued by the Modi government regarding the prices of gas cylinders. As you all know that inflation is increasing day by day and in such a situation common people have to face a lot of problems to live their daily life. In such a situation, everything from diesel petrol to cooking gas has become expensive. In this report released by the government, it is being told that the prices of gas cylinders may come down. This is because the government is now ready to give additional subsidy on gas cylinders. Now instead of 1100, you will get gas cylinder for 587 rupees. However, this new rule of gas cylinder will be applicable only in some states.

New rules apply in 12 states

It has been decided by the government that first of all the gas cylinder subsidy scheme will be implemented in 12 states. After this new rule, LPG gas cylinders will become very cheap and common people will get some relief from the problems caused by inflation. At the same time, the Chief Minister has also announced to distribute free gas cylinders to the people under the gas cylinder scheme.

LPG cylinder prices fall in many states including UP

Friends, another big news is coming for you, if you are a customer of commercial gas cylinder, then you will get a discount of Rs 171 on filling the gas cylinder. But it is also very important to know that this exemption is not for domestic gas cylinders. According to the news, this fall in the prices of LPG is being seen in other states including UP state of the country. At the same time, let us tell you that there has been a decline in the prices of gas cylinders in all urban areas from Lucknow to Kanpur.

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