New Parliament News : बडी खबर नए संसद भवन पर, देशभर के लोग ध्यान दें भारत का सबसे बडा सिक्रेट

New Parliament News: The biggest secret of the new parliament building

Post Last Updated: Friday, May 26, 2023 @ 5:18 pm

NewParliament News: Big news about the new Parliament House, people across the country should pay attention to India's biggest secret

new parliament news

India’s new Parliament House is about to be inaugurated. That’s why every Indian citizen should be well aware of this new Parliament House. This new parliament building will be quite different from the old one. It will have many features and important security measures. That’s why every Indian should have detailed knowledge about it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this new Parliament House on 28 May. It has also become a major topic of media reports, but it is important for you to be aware of it.

The new parliament building is to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister and the President, but there is a dispute as to who will finally do the opening, as the matter is currently in court as to who will do the opening. Till the decision of JB Vaccine Court comes, it is not considered certain who will inaugurate. 17 parties in India have opposed the issue. However, despite this, only two days are left and the matter will soon come to the fore. All you need to know about this proud Parliament House is to familiarize yourself with the salient features of this important Indian building.

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Features of Parliament House

The visual picture of the new Parliament House is much grander than the old Parliament House. The old Parliament House was completed in 1927 and after 97 years this new Parliament House will be a symbol of the new era and direction of the country. The building has been constructed by the Tata Group, completed by Tata Projects at a cost of Rs 861.9 crore. The new Parliament has been designed by HCP Designs, an architecture firm based in Gujarat. The chief architect of this building is Bimal Patel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release a new coin of Rs 75 at the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament House. A sign named ‘Sengol’ will also be installed in the new Parliament House.

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