Paytm launches RuPay credit card these special customers will get special facilities

Paytm introduces Rupay Credit Card with special benefits for select customers –

Paytm News:- As soon as the name Paytm comes in your mind, you will always think that it is a money transaction app. Paytm is no longer just a money transfer app. Paytm has made a big announcement by partnering with SBI.

The SBI and Paytm card partnership that started in 2020 is now expanding with NCPI’s RuPay. 3 homegrown brands are taking a major initiative to accelerate the growth of inclusive digital first financial services in India. Customers are being given special offers worth ₹75000 along with complimentary Paytm First membership.

Complimentary Paytm First membership also includes OTT platform membership and discount on flight tickets through the Paytm app. Cardholders will get 3% cashback on movie and travel ticket bookings on Paytm app as well as 2% cashback on all other in-app purchases and 1% cashback on general spends through Paytm SBI Card.

Founder of Paytm gave information

Paytm CEO and Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that India is on the cusp of the next payments revolution where credit will become the main payment option. Paytm Rupee Credit Card with SBI Card will prove to be a great option for the consumers. Paytm is already familiar with QR code based payments and is working on QR code with UPI Rupay credit card which will further promote transactions through mobile phones.

Bhupesh Gupta, Chief Operating Officer and President, Paytm said, “We are delighted to take our partnership with SBI Cards to the next level, which also includes the launch of our innovative branded credit card powered by the indigenous Rupee network. Credit is a growing need of youth and professionals.With this Aigae A, we aim to revolutionize the way credit is consumed in India by bringing a seamless and rewarding experience for consumers new to credit in the formal economy.

SBI official said a big thing about this

According to Ram Mohanrao Hamara, MD & CEO, SBI Card, we have come together with Paytm to launch this card with the intention of making credit cards more accessible to young and digitally evolved customers. Paytm SBI Card has become one of the popular cards in our portfolio and with its launch on the RuPay network, we can further strengthen the product value proposition. With the widest pan-India acceptance of RuPay Credit Cards on UPI, customers will be able to leverage one card to get the most value out of their spends.

Speaking on its development, NPCI CSO Praveen Rai said, “We are delighted to partner with Paytm and SBI Cards to launch this credit card across the vast rupee network.” We are confident that this card will play a vital role as a Crystal Credit solution for customers. Since the launch of credit card services on UPI by NPCI, we have been continuously working towards providing authorized value based Rupee grade cards. It will be exciting to see Rupay establish itself as yet another young brand with modern integration of the above by offering customized pricing solutions backed by cutting edge technology.

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