Petrol Diesel Price Reduced : सस्ता हुआ पेट्रोल डीज़ल, कच्चा तेल 75$ आने से मिला आम लोगो को राहत

Petrol diesel prices reduced: Petrol diesel prices reduced

Petrol diesel prices reduced

Today, there is a slight decline in the prices of crude oil in the international market. WTI crude is currently trading at $71.55 per barrel, down 0.43 per cent.

At the same time, the price of Brent crude is selling at $ 75.58 per barrel, registering a decline of 0.37 percent. Oil marketing companies in the country have released the latest rates of petrol and diesel. Significantly, the fuel prices in India are revised daily at 6 am. Before June 2017, these prices were revised every 15 days.

Petrol price in Maharashtra has dropped by Re 1 to Rs 105.96 per litre. Similarly, the price of diesel has also come down by 97 paise to Rs 92.49 per litre. Petrol has become cheaper by 47 paise in Punjab, while diesel has registered a decline of 45 paise. States of Haryana, Kerala, Sikkim and Jharkhand have seen a similar drop in petrol and diesel prices.

prices have gone up here

In contrast, in Telangana, the price of petrol has increased by Rs 1.48 to Rs 111.83 per litre, while the price of diesel has increased by Rs 1.39 to Rs 99.84 per litre. Additionally, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased in several other states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha. Although petrol has become cheaper by 11 paise in Chennai, while there has been a decrease of 9 paise in diesel.

New rates are released everyday at 6 am

Petrol and diesel prices are revised every day at 6 am, as a result of which the new rates are effective from the same time. These revised rates include additional factors such as excise duty, dealer commission, VAT and other related costs. When these factors are taken into account and added to the base price, the final price of petrol and diesel almost doubles. As a result, the prices of petrol and diesel appear significantly higher due to these additional charges and expenses.

Petrol and diesel prices in all four cities

Petrol in Delhi costs Rs 96.72 and diesel costs Rs 89.62 per liter
Petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 106.31 and diesel costs Rs 94.27 per liter
Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 106.03 and diesel costs Rs 92.76 per liter
Petrol in Chennai costs Rs 102.63 and diesel costs Rs 94.24 per liter

New prices are also issued in these cities

Petrol in Noida has become Rs 96.94 and diesel Rs 89.76 per liter.
Diesel closed at Rs 96.44 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.62 per liter in Ghaziabad.
Petrol in Lucknow has become Rs 96.57 and diesel Rs 89.56 per liter.
Petrol in Patna has become Rs 107.48 and diesel Rs 94.26 per litre.
Petrol has become Rs 84.10 and diesel Rs 79.74 per liter in Port Blair.

New rates are released everyday at 6 am

Petrol and diesel prices are subject to daily fluctuations, with new rates being released at 6 am each day. When various factors like excise duty, dealer commission, VAT and other charges are added to the base price of petrol and diesel, the final retail price almost doubles. This is the reason why we have to buy such expensive petrol and diesel.

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