PNB FD Rates Revised : PNB FD रेट्स में बदलाव, बैंक ग्राहकों को दे रहा 8.05% तक ब्याज

PNB FD Rates Revised: Bank is offering up to 8.05% interest to customers

Post Last Updated on: Saturday, May 20, 2023 @ 11:56 am

PNB FD Rates Revised: Change in PNB FD rates, bank giving up to 8.05% interest to customers

Punjab National Bank has increased the interest rates

Punjab National Bank has revised the customer fixed deposit interest rates. These revised rates will be applicable for deposits below Rs 2 crore. Notably, the bank has increased interest rates by 45 bps for tenures of 444 days, while it has cut interest rates for tenures of 666 days. Along with this, very senior citizens are getting the benefit of 8.05 percent interest rate.

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For fixed deposits with Punjab National Bank, customers can avail various interest rates depending on the maturity period. Deposits maturing within 7 to 45 days will earn an interest rate of 3.50%. Those maturing in 46 to 179 days will get interest at the rate of 4.50%. If the deposit matures between 180 days to 270 days, the interest rate increases to 5.50%. Apart from this, an interest rate of 5.80% is being availed for tenure ranging from 271 days to less than one year.

Interest rates in Punjab National Bank remain fixed for a fixed maturity period. Fixed deposits maturing between 1 year to 443 days will attract an interest rate of 6.80%. On the other hand, deposits maturing in 444 days will fetch an interest rate of 7.25%. Fixed deposits with a maturity period of 445 days to 665 days will still attract an interest rate of 6.80%. For deposits maturing in 666 days, the interest rate rises marginally to 7.05%. Deposits with a maturity of 667 days to 2 years will continue to earn an interest rate of 6.80%, while deposits with a maturity of more than 2 years but less than 3 years will earn an interest rate of 7%. Deposits of 3 years to more than 10 years will get interest at the rate of 6.50%.

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