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Ration Card News: If the ration is cut then who knows who does not have the ration card –

Ration Card News:- Hello friends, today we have brought a new update related to ration card for you. If you have not heard about it before then this post is going to be very important for you. Through this article, you will know who cannot get the ration card. Ration card under food distribution system is a great opportunity to provide food to poor and needy people at low cost.

As you all know that some special rules have been made by the government to make ration card. So that those who are eligible for ration card can get the benefit of ration card and those who are not eligible for ration card cannot get the benefit of ration card.

You all know that there is a lot of corruption in our country, so even today ineligible people are getting the benefit of ration card, so they should surrender their ration card immediately, otherwise strict action will be taken against them by the government and their ration card will be canceled then later they will have to pay the ration given to them.

According to the rules issued by the Food Department, ration card cannot be issued to any person. It is issued only to people of a certain income group. The rules and limits for making a ration card are different in all states, so you must be wondering what are the rules for making a ration card, who cannot get a ration card and who can get a ration card. We will give you all these information further.

Who can not make ration card

According to the rules of the central government, only eligible people will be given the ration card, those people should get the facilities related to the ration card, that is, those who are poor and needy. Their ration card should be made and the ration card of those who are capable will not be made. Now let us explain to you through some points which people can get the ration card.

• The applicant or any person in his family should not be a Government servant.
The person who has a plot, house, flat or bungalow of 100 square meters or more, his citizen cannot make a ration card.
• A person who has vehicles like four wheeler, car, tractor etc., for which he cannot make a ration card.
• A person whether he is from a village or a city whose annual income is more than three lakhs cannot get a ration card made.
• People who have 5 acres of land and income tax payers also cannot get ration card.
Ration card cannot be made even if the age of the applicant is less than 18 years.
• Name of any member of the family should not be on any other ration card.
• The applicant should not have a ration card from any other state.

Who can get ration card?

• Ration card applicant must be a citizen of India.
• You must be 18 years or older to apply for a ration card.
• The annual income of the ration card applicant should be less than 100000.
• Ration card will be made in the name of the head of the family.
• Ration card applicants must be needy.

To get a ration card, your annual income should be less than ₹ 100000.

Who can not make ration card

An individual or a family having more than 10 square meters of land, a four-wheeler vehicle and an annual income of 300,000 in urban areas and 2 lakh in rural areas cannot be issued a ration card. Note.

What is the eligibility of ration card?

To apply for a ration card, a person must be at least 18 years of age and must have the prescribed documents. There should not be any government employee in the applicant and his family.

What is Ration Card?

Ration card is a government essential document issued by the Food Department through which food items are distributed at low cost. Ration card can also be used as an identity card and government document in many other functions.

Who issues the ration card?

The ration card is issued by the state government in all the states of the country, that is why the ration cards of all the states are different, so there is a difference in the facilities available on the ration card in all the states, as you all know that in Haryana The facilities of UP ration card are different from the facilities of ration card available in UP.

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