Success Story : स्टेशन पर पुरी बेचने वाला बना करोड़पति, जाने उसके बारे मे

Success Story: Millionaire who sold Puri at the station, know about it

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Today we will introduce you to a person who used to sell puris at the railway station 170 years ago. Surprisingly, this person is now a respected owner of a famous hotel in Mumbai. ( are excited to share with you the remarkable journey of transition from a humble poor vendor to a prosperous owner of a reputed establishment in Mumbai.

The famous hotel in Mumbai, popularly known as Pancham Puri holds a revered place in the hearts of many. It has gained significant popularity over the years, and chances are you’re already familiar with this iconic establishment. The hotel’s roots go back 170 years when it was founded by the visionary Pancham Sharma. ( have had the pleasure of experiencing the delights of this iconic hotel, as it has earned its reputation as one of Mumbai’s most coveted and loved dining spots.

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In the 1850s, Pancham Sharma had a visionary idea when he set up this extravagant hotel at the railway station. Their main objective was to provide affordable food options to the masses, especially those who were economically disadvantaged. This noble intention of providing reasonably priced food earned immense popularity for their establishment even in that era. As time passed, the hotel’s reputation continued to grow, cementing its position as a revered culinary destination in Mumbai. (, it stands as a symbol of culinary excellence and continues to be an iconic and renowned hotel in the city.

An appealing aspect of this hotel is its abiding commitment to tradition. Despite being in operation for several years, the menu card has remained largely unchanged. Remarkably, the offerings available when the hotel first opened its doors can still be found today.( The hotel has managed to preserve the essence of its original menu, ensuring that guests can enjoy the authentic flavors that have delighted patrons for generations. While some new dishes have been thoughtfully incorporated with the times, the core selection of delicious dishes has stood the test of time, reflecting the hotel’s dedication to preserving its rich culinary heritage.

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In its early days, food at this hotel was prepared on traditional stoves, exemplifying the authentic cooking methods of the time. Originally established by Pancham Sharma, this hotel has been running for generations since then. Presently the hotel is under the able management of Sandeep Sharma representing the fifth generation of the Sharma family ( With immense pride, Sandeep Sharma announces that the sixth generation has also started taking over the reins of this prestigious establishment, ensuring the hotel’s family legacy and renowned hospitality for years to come.

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