Suraj Tiwari Success Story : न दोनों पैर, न एक हाथ, बस 3 उंगलियों से रचा इतिहास

Success story of Suraj Tiwari: IS officer made of neither leg nor hand, only 3 fingers

success story of Suraj Tiwari

It is said that God is with those who have patience. Union Public Service Commission has declared UPSC Civil Services Exam Result 2022 today. Ishita Kishore has topped the Civil Services Examination. It is a matter of pride, but today we are going to tell you the story of a person whose loyalty would make even God bow down. The name of this person is Suraj Tiwari. His laughing picture is going viral on social media.

Success Story of Suraj Tiwari: Lost his arm and leg in an accident

Suraj is disabled. Both legs and one hand are missing. Suraj lost both his legs and an arm in a train accident in 2017. Only the thumb and two fingers of the left hand remained. Even after this, he did not give up and passed the exam in the first attempt and secured All India 917th rank.

According to media reports, Sooraj said that I still cannot believe that I have passed the UPSC exam. He said that there were many problems before me. There were no hands and feet. Study with three fingers of one hand and prepare with confidence.

Suraj Tiwari Success Story: Father works as a tailor

Suraj’s father Rajesh Tiwari works as a tailor and takes care of all the household expenses. Suraj went into depression after the accident. He has resumed his studies and despite the family’s financial condition not being good, he keeps on preparing and achieves success. He said that no matter how many difficulties you face, if you have self-confidence, you can achieve great success.

Success story of Suraj Tiwari: Akhilesh Yadav also praised

Former Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav also tweeted that, ‘Suraj Tiwari, a disabled person from Mainpuri, has proved that the power of will is bigger than all other powers by passing the IAS exam in the first attempt. Hearty congratulations to Suraj for this achievement like ‘Sooraj’ and best wishes for a bright future.

Along with this, many other people including many IAS officers have also tied bridges of praise on this achievement of Suraj and have given him best wishes:

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