Today Breaking News : आज 15 मई 2023 के मुख्य समाचार बड़ी खबरें

Today Breaking News: Main News of 15 May 2023

today’s breaking news

News 1 – Sun will enter Taurus on May 15, but today will be auspicious for 4 hours. Namdaan has special importance for Akshaya Punya. The time from 4:00 am to 11:58 am is going to be very auspicious.

News 2 – A new revolution is coming in the field of mobile. The government is going to launch a special tracking system across the country. Its biggest advantage will be that if your mobile phone is stolen, you will not have to repent. Government is going to launch a new portal through which you can steal your money. Along with the mobile phone, you will also be able to break the SIM card. Yes, the very next day i.e. on May 17, the Sanchar Saathi portal will be launched by the Modi government, through which you will be able to block stolen or lost mobile phones. This system will work even if the IMEI number of the phone is changed. A very strong and advanced system has been created. The address of this portal is Mitra Sanchar.

News 3 – After the defeat in the Karnataka elections, the central government took a big decision to appoint the DGP of Karnataka as the CBI director. This order was issued by the government the next day after the election results.

News 4 – The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the National Gallery of Modern Art, NGA, located in the capital Delhi. An exhibition program was organized on the team of 100 episodes and PM Modi went on a tour. He also interacted with the artists here. You can also see the pictures of some unique artifacts. Saw many amazing paintings and artefacts. The Prime Minister visited the National Museum of Modern Art IAS.

News 5 – Home Minister Amit Shah will do the same on Monday. Inauguration of the training program The program will be inaugurated today on 15th May.

News 6 – It is a matter of great pride for India. Friends, The identity of self-reliant India was successfully tested from IS Mor village of BrahMos missile. This missile is capable of getting rid of six sixes of the enemies in many ways, so finally the test of India’s powerful missile was successful. It shot down the Amal Bar missile in the air. In our country 75% Shivas are made and not many are seen. You are bigger than the Defense Ministry to make the country self-reliant in the defense sector. It has been decided that now there are around 958 Indian Army in our country under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission. And the good thing is that this will provide employment to people in India itself.

News 7 – The Supreme Court gave a big relief to the banks and said that it is not necessary to listen to the fraudsters before declaring the road. Bhai told the Supreme Court on this that it is not necessary that it should start listening to your explanation about this.

News 8 – Labor and Employment Ministry has issued new orders to refer laborers to private hospitals. Under the orders, thousands of workers and their dependents will now be referred to government medical institutions for treatment during illness. Private hospital will not be referred.

News 9 – There has been a big update regarding the insurance coverage of the company. Friends, now health insurance will also include shiro gassy and childhood treatment. IRDA has issued instructions to all the companies. If you have health insurance, it means that under health insurance a woman will be treated with Shero Gacy and five fruits etc. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued this instruction to all the insurance companies of the country.

news 10 A new rule has also been made by SEBI, now children can invest in their own bank accounts. Parent means parent or legal guardian. Soon you will be investing your bank accounts in mutual fund schemes for your kids. The rest means that the child has not reached the age of 18. Till then he cannot invest in mutual funds etc. in the stock market. But now those who are not the parents of the child, they will be able to make such investments in the name of the child. New rules are being made by market regulator SEBI and this new rule will come into force from 15th June. That is, from June 15, the parents of the children will be able to invest in the Vidhar Phod scheme in the name of their children.

News 11 – Now students doing 4-year graduation course will be able to take direct admission in Ph.D. Traditional methods will be changed. That is, first graduation and then master’s degree. After that he has done PhD and to promote innovation the government has taken this big decision.

News 12 – Those visiting Kedarnath Baba will get a chance to visit 12 Jyotirlingas simultaneously as a museum will be built in Kedarnath. Where you will be able to visit all the 12 important Jyotirlingas of the country at one place

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